To Yotomi

DnD_To_Yotomi.jpgThe To Yotomi Empire is a state which spans many of the most important islands of the Central Sea. From east to west the islands are Marib Nista, Akna Wa, Da Yuan, Furi, Chi San, and Shang Tung. The empire was founded after the unification of the Weigoumoraha peoples by the To Yotomi Clan in 620. Although the To Yotomi government has changed many times since, the borders of the Empire have stayed the same. The nations that make up the empire are the Weigoumaraha, the Khoudewei, the Shih Da Wa. and the Shih Da Wei.

Immediately after the unification of the Weigoumoraha, the Emperor set the nation to the construction of a massive military. From 623 to 625 the navy engaged in a campaign across the Central Sea to subdue Marib Nista, Akna Wa, Da Yuan, and Furi. The conquest of most of the islands went swiftly and without problems.

However the To Yotomi found themselves tied down in Furi, where the natives refused their rule and fought back. As long as the conflict on Furi smoldered, the To Yotomi felt they could conquer no more lands.

War Weariness
The first To Yotomi Emperor died in 628 and was succeeded by his son, who did little more than continue to fight the war in Furi. He reigned until 630, when he died and was succeeded by his younger brother. His brother found the war in Furi growing expensive and unpopular, but could not bring himself to even consider giving up.

The war effort was perceived to be cutting into the profits of Central Sea trade, and that made it less and less popular. As the war went, so went the people’s opinions of the Emperors. Finally, in 641 the Imperial Treasurer Jasikin No Musuko assassinated the royal family and seized imperial power as a dictator.

Political Instability
By 650 the dictatorship has successfully subjugated the Khoudewei of Furi. But its autocratic nature was stifling to the economic interests because the friends and family of the dictator sabotaged their rivals’ endeavors. The Emperor had been unpopular because he had a war that was cutting into trade, but the dictatorship was cutting into trade directly. The populace finally grew unwilling to tolerate this and a cabal of merchants overthrew the dictator.

They established a To Yotomi Merchant Republic and kept its capital in Chisan. For the following 160 years the To Yotomi changed governments multiple times, but trading interests have continued to predominate. Chisan grew and Weigoumoraha settlement expanded nearly as far as Ngong Island.

The To Yotomi fought a series of trade wars, initially against the Kogugub but later against Sterland and Marcillen, and they have thereby retained dominance over the Central Sea trade. The most consequential of these wars was the War of Marcillien Restoration, in which the To Yotomi army and navy occupied Marcillen.

The current To Yotomi government is a Merchant Council wherein the merchants are granted representation in direct proportion to their annual gifts to the state coffers. They have elected as their current president a Revenant Human from Huipan. The elites are divided into a ruling conservative party that is mostly supported by farmers, the lower classes, and the army; an opposition liberal party that is supported mostly by merchants, capitalists, and the intelligentsia; and a minority reactionary party that is supported by some religious institutions, but only really has strong support in Weigoumoraha Nationalist organizations.

To Yotomi

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