The Platinum

The Platinum, also called the Platinum Triumvirate or the Judge, Jury, and Executioner is probably the most widely worshiped god in Berrus. They are the sovereigns of Justice, Protection, and Hope.

They are three beings in one God, a former group of Heroes from the plane Terrus. They succeeded to the celestial demesne of Bahamut when the old gods went away. As such, they seek to maintain order, protect the innocent, and punish the wicked.

Their popularity stems largely from government support. Though there are no well documented instances of direct intervention from the Platinum, the churches of the platinum provide many social services and their paladins work closely with state police. The strength of these outreach programs have let to popularity among both the masses and in government. Through intense image cultivation, the platinum has the greatest public respectability of all the Gods.

The commandments of the Platinum are as follows:

- Deal in perfect justice, being merciful to the innocent and harsh to the tyrant.
- Use every strength and ability to do that which is right.
- Accept the suffering which is necessary to further the good of everyone.

The Platinum

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