Khoudewei is the native culture of the Furi Archipelago. The Khoudewei people are a client nation of the To Yotomi Empire. They were conquered by the To Yotomi in the 600’s 5A. Despite initial hostility to the empire, special treatment of the Khoudewei has made them the Empire’s most loyal subjects. They enjoy cultural considerations and a considerable degree of autonomy in their governance.

Possible Relations to the Kogugub
It is still unproven, but linguists and archaeologists have convincingly argued that the Khoudewei people are cultural cousins with the Kogugub peoples of the Western Continent. They believe that eight hundred years ago a culture that was ancestral to both peoples lived in Furi. For whatever reason, a sizeable piece of that population set sail for the western continent, invaded, destroyed, and seized the corpse of the Old Ferrumic Empire. Both populations retain a reputation for fierceness, and a tendency to fragment politically. An unusually large percent of the Khoudewei survive by hunting and herding. The Kogugub culture specially reveres hunting and herding as the noblest and most manly occupations, even though they are uncommon ones among the Kogugub people. They both also sport exceptionally high populations of Goblins in their midst, nearly 30% of the whole.

Khoudewei Living
The Khoudewei people live a full range of lifestyles, from sophisticated country nobles to the urban poor to traveling merchants to disciplined mercenary troopers to semi nomadic herders. The number of herders is quite high, comprising a quarter to a third of all Khoudewei peoples.

The Khoudewei have an incredibly high proportion of Goblins, and notable large populations of Shifters, Genasi, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Kenku, and Revenant. Humans make up just under half of the population. Khoudewei is part of the Mubarran Language Family, with Kogugub.


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