DnD_Furi_Basic.jpgFuri is the name of an archipelago in the south of the Central Sea. It consists of one large central island and four small secondary islands. The landscape in Furi is largely rocky and barren, though there are scattered grasslands and groves of fruit bearing trees. A highland ridge runs through the center of the island and seperates north from south. The south is peopled sparsely by the indigenous Khoudewei peoples. The north of the island is mostly Khoudewei, but hosts a substantive Weigoumoraha population. Furi is a province of the To Yotomi Empire.

Recorded history on Furi only goes back about two centuries, to 623 5A. In that year the To Yotomi empire launched their invasion of the archipelago.The To Yotomi conquest of Furi was contemporary with the To Yotomi conquest of Huipan but the war on Furi lasted much longer. The To Yotomi strategy was to occupy the north of the archipelago and launch punitive raids against the south, assuming submission would eventually follow.

During the war the To Yotomi frontier against the native Khoudewei people sustained decades of intense combat. In addition to the conventional warfare, most To Yotomi held towns in Furi were raided yearly by armed native guerrillas.

After around twenty years of war, in 643, the citizens of To Yotomi found this situation to be unbearable. The then dictator of To Yotomi concluded that the Khoudewei peoples could not be pacified so he elected to pursue a policy of genocide against the natives. This forced the conflict into a new, even more deadly phase of ruthless total war, insurgency, and terrorism. In this period, the Furi resistance was unexpectedly united by a single leader who assassinated or deposed all of the other Khoudewei commanders. Out of their base at Ngui Ban the resistance turned their raids on enemy cities into massacres, mass executions, and the complete incineration of To Yotomi towns.

After several years of brutal destruction the Furi resistance coordinated a simultaneous and hotly fought offensive across the entirety of the archipelago. The Khoudewei guerrillas committed all of their forces to the attack, intending that the To Yotomi might finally be forced to evacuate the country. The battle was hard fought, but it quickly became apparent that the resistance had overstretched itsself.

A swiftly reinforced To Yotomi army counterattacked, completely obliterating the natives’ war-making capacity. Ngui Ban was taken and burned. The Khoudewei countryside lost its will or ability to fight back, but the Weigoumoraha people of To Yotomi were also near their limit.

Faced with a total military victory, a pacified Khoudewei people, and the realization that complete genocide would require more effort than the citizens of the To Yotomi empire would allow, the To Yotomi put a halt to their ethnic cleansing and instead annexed the Khoudewei people of Furi into their empire. In order to forestall a war against a resurgent Furi sometime the future, the To Yotomi made special considerations for the Khoudewei culture within the realm.

To Yotomi Relations with Furi
Military service is never compelled on Furi, taxes are ludicrously low, native cultural activities receive active support from the To Yotomi government, and local strongmen are propped up in order to control the Khoudewei tribes. Once the first few generations after the conquest died, the To Yotomi policies created a Furi archipelago that is fiercely loyal to To Yotomi.


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