The Neutral Cynic


Archimedes is an old, old man. He lives in isolation, with his djinn Othello, high upon the mountainside. Not really being a fan of sentient life, he long ago exiled himself to study the frozen arts. He survives through a small town at the base of his mountain. The half-lings there are a happy people that, out of respect (but mostly fear), have made a deal with Archimedes. He gets to be the “big bad wizard” on the mountain that the half-lings can use as a fear tactic to ward off invaders and possibly call on in times of DIRE trouble and Archimedes gets basic supplies.

Archimedes main view on life is that, having dipped his toe into the universal goo that is the arcane cosmos, most things are deemed to the order of life. Nothing can be changed by our actions here on Berrus. But, although having this outlook, he has been swayed to investigate matters that may actually change the course of history, IFF they appear.

Archimedes was going to the half-ling village for basic supplies when ambushed by the Order of the Soldier. He fought but was overpowered by sheer number. They saw his power, immediately bound him in magic chains, and took him to the castle where the party found him.

Othello: a smart ass of a djjinn who lives in Archimedes’ magic orb. He’s a glowing light-blue clump of fog with yellow glowing spots of fog for eyes. He and Archimedes share a servant-master relationship. They are mainly friendly and Archimedes doesn’t treat him badly or as a slave, but if push comes to shove, they both know whose in charge.


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