Mother to a stolen son, wife to a murdered husband, and she will have her revenge.


Hengeyokai (rakshasa) predator druid. Very speedy and specializes in rapidly switching between melee and ranged combat. Her tactics frequently knock targets prone, and since Sleet is far more dangerous against prone or wounded targets, this makes her a fearsome opponent.

In general, Sleet only gets along well with others so far as it furthers her goal.

Through the interrogation of a captured Marcillish soldier, Sleet learned that a deva matching the description of the one that destroyed her family is leading the Marcillish forces in Hrli. Reacting to this, Sleet inadvertently showed the party her true form, something she only showed those she trusts implicitly. Only Auben fit that description at the time.


Mizure was found in the dead of winter in 786, 5A on northern Furi, To Yotomi. A newborn infant, she had bright green eyes and a strange, faint ring pattern on her skin. The Khoudeweins that found her, a family of shifters, raised her as their own and taught her their nomadic trade. However, as Mizure— or, as she preferred to be called, Sleet— developed, it became apparent that her genealogy was not what it seemed. Her temperament was more fearsome than her adopted siblings; her reflexes were more sharp; her stance more digitigrade. Most strikingly, she grew a permanent, spotted fur coat.

Sleet’s odd appearance garnered her much unwanted attention growing up. At the cultural festivals her family often attended, the out-of-place girl was laughed at by children and stared at by adults. Increasingly sensitive about how she looked, Sleet taught herself how to use transformation magicks to change her appearance, adopting a disguise closer to her adopted race. She could never get rid of all her fur or rosettes, despite her best attemps, leaving Sleet fuzzier than the average shifter. She did successfully master beast transformations, though, learning to take both margay and leopard forms, which came to her much more easily than she would care to admit.

Because her unknown heritage had had such an impact on the woman she had become, when she reached adulthood, Sleet left Furi to seek definitive proof of what she really was. This search lasted only a short while before Sleet found something that stopped her in her tracks: love. Sleet settled down in west Marcillen with a tiefling merchant, Torche Silvain by name, who not only found her mind captivating but her unusual form beautiful as well. In time, Sleet carried Torche’s child, and they named him Hidama, or “Falling Star”. A bright-red tiefling like his father, Sleet called her son her "Little Fireball.”

However, the storybook happiness ended, as do they all— with terrible tragedy. About two months after Hidama was born, Sleet awoke one night to the splatter of hot blood on her face. Her eyes wide with horror, she found the fountain’s source— Torche’s neck had been sliced open, his last breath making bubbles in his lifeblood. The assailant, a blue deva with white skin patterns, motioned for the others to do the same with Sleet, and he started searching her home. Sleet fought back as best she could, but with her rusty combat skills she could barely manage to stave off her own death. Fortunately, the local guard, a pair of drow, had heard the commotion and came to the family’s assistance. Within minutes, the invaders were dead and Sleet safe.

As the guards searched the house for missing goods or disturbed records, Sleet held her husband’s corpse close, somehow hoping would he squeeze her back or tell her he would be alright. His scent yet lingered, but the chill in his corpse betrayed the truth— he was gone. At least she still had her Little…

A chill crept down Sleet’s spine moments before a guard told her what she already knew— they’d taken Hidama. Everything else forgotten, the bereaved mother bolted from her house in search of the blue-and-white deva and the child it had stolen. Sleet, the guards, and those she called friends began a fervent search for the assailant, but no trace could be found…

Sleet beseeched The Pack Leader for assistance. None came. She then pleaded with the other gods, each in turn, for any sign of her child. The Singer, the Court, the Protagonist, any semblance of a holy creature she could find. None answered. Sleet lost hope in her world— her reason for living had been stolen from her. Her friends tried to console her, but nothing they could say or do could dull her grief. She barely even noticed they were even there. In time, her friends gave up on the hopeless venture, and Sleet was left alone with her thoughts and her tears.

When her body had nothing left to give, Sleet turned to one last deity, one whose very name had evoked fear in her: the Great White Hunter. Despite her initial concerns, in the Hunter’s teachings Sleet quickly found her new purpose:

“Take from another, and more shall be taken from you in kind.”

She would follow this god and learn to harness the strength he taught. She would find her child. And she would take him back.



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