Storm Sorcerer, Striker


AC: 22

FORT: 19

REF: 22

Will: 25

HP: 63

Surges: 7

Surge Value: 15

Languages: Primary: Steorl Family (Mixed Dialect)

Secondary: Fermanagh (Sterlish)

Tertiary: Vodakan (Vodakan)

Birth sign: Storm Cloud

Appearance: Pikya is a human-ish boy around the age of 11. His hair is a mess of blonde and grey, his eyes are blue, he has a second set of ears on his head that resemble those of a cat, and he has a furry tail that seems to vanish and reappear at random. The fur on his ears at tail are grey. Pikya travels with a raven familiar named Shu and his staff which he calls Krill.

Origin: Pikya does not remember not having a tail, or not having cat ears, or having magic lessons, or having a family, but he doesn’t remember a lot of things, so he doesn’t know if he was ever like other people or if there are other people like him. But he is pretty sure it has got to be one or the other.

Characteristics: He is very naive, has a short attention span, is fairly poor judge of character, and is ignorant of many basic social etiquittes. On the upside he is very charming, has a pretty face that most people find difficult to say no to, and he has an incredible talent for magic.

Power/Talent: His power baffles most arcane experts because it does not seem reliant on spiritual balance, demonic pacts, psionic talent, or arcane knowledge. In addition rainbows accompany his magic, acting almost like elemental magic would. Pikya claims ignorance of the origin of his talents, simply explaining that “It just comes easily to him.”

Religion: Pikya does not have structured religion, he believes in the Great Nyan, a being he describes as an invisible cat that whisper’s in his ears. He says that the Great Nyan doesn’t usually give a lot of orders, more like friendly suggestions like “He is nice maybe you should follow him”, or asks questions like “do you have any fish? Fish are good.”

Personality: Pikya is usually very happy and content, when he isn’t bored. He is quick to laugh, easily entertained, and loves to play tricks and make jokes, especially puns. About the only thing that gets Pikya really angry is seeing others hurting nice people. And an angry Pikya is a very dangerous Pikya. Things that tend to make Pikya sad are bad things that happen to good people, that and certain holidays. Pikya would have tons of fun during the Christmas season but be pretty bummed on Christmas day because it is painfully obvious that other people are having fun with their families and he is an orphan.

Goals: When he isn’t on some kind of adventure or doing something for The Great Nyan, he wanders from place to place, chasing rainbows that appear after storms. He hopes to one day “catch” a rainbow and then somehow gain: profit, knowledge, a wish, power, or “something that is totally awesome and not at all a complete bust”. He believes that his powers or his past are somehow connected to rainbows since they always accompany his magic. Pet Peeves:

1. Doctors and their needles.
2. Being alone.
3. Centipedes.
4. Mushrooms (to eat)
5. Uncomfortable clothes.


1. Real Rainbows
2. Shiny objects
3. Food (except mushrooms, but especially fish or chicken or fish and chicken…..gasp! or Chickenfish!)
4. Punchlines for jokes, especially puns.


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